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Haruhi nendo review + week 1 loot

Hello everyone,

It's sunday again and I promised myself that I would make this a weekly blog. Otherwise I would run out of material to cover very soon. This week some of my long awaited packages arrived, including my lenses for both my Anya Alstreim and Chrome Dokuro cosplay. The Loveless DVD complete edition also arrived, but I have yet to watch it. Last but not least my new Haruhi Suzumiya nendoroid arrived. I managed to find these girls for quite a bargain. Even though I have yet to watch all episodes from the anime of Haruhi Suzumiya I really do like their character designs.
First a loot picture;
I don't think you can see it in the picture, but the lenses are purple. ^-^
Well, this friday a package arrived, I wasn't at home so my dad was there to accept it. I hadn't bought anything from HLJ, yet a package from them was waiting for me?!...... I was really excited and quickly openend the package, it contained my Haruhi nendoroid. It seems the person I bought these cuties from had a spare HLJ box and shipped them inside it! haha... I really thought I had won something! XD

Here's some pictures and my commentary of my newly aquired nendoroid.

The three of them together make for great shots. This is the way I like them best. I don't really like the accesoires and thus I didn't display the girls with them. The first thing I noticed while unpacking them was the  lack of facial expressions. Even though the expressions they wear now are funny and fit the character I would have liked to see one different facial expression for each of them.
They also are of a somewhat bigger size than most of my nendoroid and therefore will not be able to share facial expressions.

First up is Haruhi;
I like her facial expression best out of these three. Her hair look great too, with a lot of detail especially on the ribbons. The ears however are hard to pose and the joints are too loose. It is also quite difficult to pose her since her balancepoint seems off. The stand didn't fit as well as I hoped and thus she topples over very quick.
 As you can see on these pictures the leg joints are very visible, that is something that has been bothering me since the beginning. Her spare hand, which I have her posed with, however is great. It shows Haruhi's excenticity very well, as does her winking eye.
 Another point I really like about her is the bunny suit in general. Even though her female parts are well expressed it doesn't look overdone. The bow tie around her neck is greatly detailed as well and it completes her wardrobe fantastically.
From the side you can see the great detailing in the ribbon again and also the struggle I had to get her to stand.
From the back you can see another nice detail, which is the bunny tail. It contrasts greatly with the rest of the suit which is kind of nice.

Here are Huruhi's scores;
Sculpting; 7/10, the joints are too visible on both the ears and the legs.
Painting; 9/10, I could find no blemishes or paint chips, but the shading could've been better.
Posing; 5/10, she was horrible to pose, her balance is way off and there could've been more facial expressions and extra hands.
Stand; 6/10, nothing out of the ordinairy. A simple nendoroid stand, which didn't fit her right.
Enjoyment; 8/10 even though she was horrid to pose she looks great when I finally got her to stand.
Overall; 7/10

But there are two more girls to review so up to girl number two;
Which happens to be Asahina Mikuru.
 The red bunny suit and ears look great on her. The details on the suit are better visible than on Haruhi's, but the leg joints are still ugly. ^-^'  The bow tie is in red as well which matches the res of the suit. I had less problems with her bunny ears and quickly found a way to pose them according to her facial expression, which suits her character greatly again.
 Her hair is not as detailed as Haruhi's, but it looks fine none the less. Her ears seem to fit her better though.You can see the ear joint on the picture blow and it's too visible and loose in my opinion. It is also quite easy to break them, because they are very frail. They could've done a better job here.
 Mikuru too has a cute bunny tail to finish the costume and like Haruhi's it's white. It would've been nice if the three girls had diffently colored tails, to match their hair for example, but it is a nice detail none the less.
Overall I think she is better than Haruhi, when I look at her poses. She was way easier to pose and her balance wasn't as off as Haruhi's was. But as oposed to Hauhi I don't like her expression that much.
Here are Mikuru's scores;
Sculpting; 7/10, The hair could've been more detailed and the joints of the ears and legs are too visible, but the detail on her suit is better.
Painting; 8/10, there are no visible blemishes or paint chips, the colors are very nice, but it could've been shaded better.
Posing; 7/10, I didn't have huge problems to get her on her stand, though she misses facial expressions and extra hands.
Stand; 6/10, it is a standard nendoroid stand, but it would've been better if it had actually fit her.
Enjoyment; 8/10, I didn't have the posing problems and thus I was able to quietly look at her beauty very quick. She looks great!
Overall; 7.2/10

There is one girl who hasn't been in the spotlight yet and it's Nagato Yuki! ^-^!!!....
Her pose is different from the two other girls and in my opinion the leg joints aren't as visible with her as with the other two. Her hair looks greatly detailed from the front, but leaves room for improvement on the back. Her facial expression is one that fits with her character, but is kind of boring none the less.
 Her ear joints, though very visible again, were much easier to pose and not as loose. While making her ready for display I noticed how perfectly she fits her stand. Here is no room for her to topple over and thus is very easy to pose. Maybe this is possible because she is in a sitting position, but that doesn't matter, because if GSC decides to make a standing nendoroid they should bear in mind that they topple over quikly.
 Out of the three I think the bunny tail fits her best, because it is in the same color as the rest of the suit. The white color of the suit fits her hair well too. The colors don't clash and it makes her look very calm as does her expression.
 From the back however she looks a bit boring to me. Her hair lacks detail here and the stand is very visible! duhh.... ^-^' (but with Mikuru it was less!)

Overall she is the best nendoroid of the three girls when I look as posing and enjoyment, mainly because I had no trouble getting her onto her stand! XD
Here are Yuki's scores;
Sculpting; 8.5/10, her hair is detailed from the front, but not from the back. ZHer joints are better however.
Painting; 8/10, Colors suit her well, but the shading could've been better.
Posing; 8/10, even though her pose is very static, she was easy to pose. Very easy to vary in the stand of her ears and arms.
Stand; 6.5/10, nothing special apart from the fact that it fits her perfectly! ^-^
Enjoyment; 7/10, she is not as sparkly as the other two, but the fact that she was easy to pose and that I don't need to worry about her toppling over, makes her very enjoyable!
Overall; 7.6

As I said before, the girls come with some extra parts. Here is a pic;
I really enjoy these nendoroid, even though I probably cursed a few times while getting the to stand. So here's a picture of them in my collection;
I hope you all enjoyed my review and it will become useful to some of you, who are thinking about buying them! Yes they are very much worth you money!

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  1. Hey, just wondering, for this set, how do you tell it from fakes? Is there a sticker for this nendo set?