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week 2 loot + Yagami Light review

Hello everyone,
This week was one of much exams and sickness. Yep I had the flu this week. Fortunately none of my figures seem to have caught it and as such they look as great as ever! ^-^
Unfortunately Customs caught my most expensive package ever. I had to pay €38,- euros extra to get my precious Light Yagami and Dead Master.
Well, first a loot picture of this week!
As you can see it had to be a huge box Amiami put them in. And it sure was! That's probably why customs picked it out! XD Since I'm doing a review on the resin figure of Yagami Light this week, I'm only making a few pictures of Dead Master.

This how she is neatly seated in my bookcase. Having fun next to Black Rock Shooter. How they don't attack each other while I'm asleep. XD She looks as great as I expected from Good Smile Company. The only trouble I had was getting her to sit while to having to be afraid of her falling forward to her death!

Now onto reviewing!.........
Before going onto the pictures I would like to remind you that I don''t have a professional camera, The colors on the pictures might vary from the actual product. Because I had to make sure the details were vieable by you, I used a flash, but this varied the colors a bit.

Here are some pictures from different angles;
You can't see the detailing on these pictures well, so I'll just ramble a bit about the sculpturing and show you the stunning details later! XD
He is very well sculpted, The scythe's curves are very well detailed and shaded, The blade is shiny and ready to cut. Another stunning sculpt is his tie, it flows according to the non-existing wind and is greatly detailed and shaded too.
 Back to the non-existing wind. Everything on him moves to this wind and is sculpted accordingly. The fabric of his clothes as ripples where you would expect them to be. When you look at this figure it is not as static as it feels, it looks as if it's moving because of the way his clothes move around his figure.

 His hair is a bit darker than I would've liked it, but it is greatly shaded. Though there are some minor flaws in his hair, when the strands don't flow together too well. His eyes, ears and nose, however are greatly sculpted and I have no complains, even his nostrils look stunning!
From the back you get another great view of the folds in his colthes and the fact that they took the seamlines of his clothes into account when they made this. Something I noticed was that the seamline on his right shoulder wasn't as smooth as the one on the back. There is some excess material here, but it doesn't really show unless you're looking very carefully.
There is, however, a flaw which I find very annoying. On the back of his left leg they seemed to has missed a few spots when painting or it might have chipped off somehow. Anyway I can't unwatch it now and it keeps bugging me.

There is another flaw, which is much less visible, but noticeable anyway, which is on his hand that holds the scythe. I don't think it is visible in the pictures, but it is there. The part where is hand connects with the scythe is painted terribly. His nials while manicured on his thumb, are horrible on the other fingers. There is some excess material too and some parts of the scythe have some skin colored parts.
However on this picture you can also see one of his greatest assets, namely the scythe. The curves are great as is the shading. It looks rusty and shiny without looking bootleg. The cloth that goes around the scythe is great too, it looks ragged and torn, but it a good way.

As I said before, his facial expression is awesome. It is greatly detailed, but the most stunning part of his face are his eyes. Detailed and expressing they are one of his best features. The buttons all over his clothing are simple yet effective, not very detailed, but the fact that they even made buttonholes in his jacket show that they put great effort in creating this masterpiece.
The colors are stunning overall as is the shading, Thus I think they did a great job in that aspect. I have found some flaw in the sculpting, but there were some parts where they surprised me with the amount of detail they put into the figure. The next picture is not going to show nearly as much detail as the real figure, but the shoes, they are just so enormously well detail I had to try to show it to you;

It seems like you can almost see the seamlines of his shoes, almost like you can see the wire used to tie his shoes together. Yep this is the detail that scared and surprised me the most about this figure! ^-^

All in all it is a great figure so here are the scores;
Sculpting; 9/10, There are some minor flaws, but nothing that can be seen from the distance you would normally place them at. The rest of the figure is greatly detailed thus it somewhat makes up for these minor flaws.
Painting; 8.5/10, they did a good job at shading and coloring the figure, but I wasn't entirely happy with the color of his tie and the shading they did on that part.
Posing; 9.5/10, His pose is excellent. He looks as if he is moving, but he's actually standing still and on top of that the pose fits his character.
Stand; 8/10, nothing special actually, but the fact I was able to rotate him and not his stand, it awesome, because I get to place him at an angle I like, but still being able to read the silver plate on his stand.
Enjoyment; 9.5/10, Appart from the minor flaws he is great, nothing to worry about. He looks stunning and is great to look at.
Overall; 8.9/10
For those of you who worried about him breaking his neck before arriving at your door, whom I was one of ! XD. Fear no more. I will show you why!
Here are some pictures of the box. As you can see there is no window, so you can't see if he is broken untill you open it.
  Not a very special or sturdy looking box, but looks can be deceiving. In this case they are.
 You can see some pictures on the box of what you hope to find inside. I think the art on this box is very well done. It is not very colorfull, but it is nice none the less.
Ok, now onto the part where I tell you why you shouldn't worry!;
 This is what you find as soon as you open your long awaited package. A lot of styrofoam, which leaves almost no space to roam inside the box. The stryfoam can't really move inside the box. When we open the styrofoam, he is even more protected.
There is a lot of plastic between the loose parts like the cloth around the scythe, to protect it from making marks on his clothing. The fact that Light can't move at all inside this styrofoam chamber is why it is almost certain that he will arrive to you in one piece.

Well this is the end of my post of this week. I hope I worked away some doubts about buying the Yagami Light figure. I hope to see you all next week! Have a nice weekend!


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