zondag 6 februari 2011

(after)-Tsunacon loot

Hello everyone,

The first con of the year is over, thus con season has started again. Too bad I'll probably miss some of them due to the sheer fact that they're either too far away or too expensive. Anyway I did quite the number to my bankaccount this week. 'Cause this is this week's loot!!...;
- D.Gray-man manga 9, 10 and 11
- Code Geass Lelouch manga 7
- Code Breaker manga 2
- Candidate for Goddess manga 1 to 5
- Black Butler manga 3
- Fate stay night manga 1
- Dance in the Vampire bund manga 1
- Afterschool Charisma manga 2
- Hakurei Reimu nendoroid.
- Haruhi Suzumiya nendoroid
- Openminded Black Butler dojinshi
- chocolate mirror
- cake earrings

 Next some close-ups from this huge loot!;
I bought the Haruhi nendoroid at Tsunacon, I managed to get a discount on it too!!, which was super because I would've gotten it none the less! XD I also bought all of the manga at Tsunacon. A lot of these manga are parts of series I already own. But I also bought a few new manga, "Fate stay night" and "Dance in the vampire bund".

I managed to get Candidate for Goddess 1 to 5 for only €12,-. They're second hand, but they look like they're in a good state nonetheless! The Hakurei Reimu nendoroid is something that arrived this week. I didn't buy it on Tsunacon (that would've been awesome), but I included her in this loot shot anyway
That is a Dojinshi from the Dutch Dojinshi circle Openminded. Yep, it is shounen-ai/yaoi and as you can see it is about Black Butler. The artists from Openminded were really nice! They even added a drawing on the inside! The Dojinshi itself is great too! Had fun reading it!
The chocolate you see on the photo, is actually a mirror! I really had to have it the moment I saw it! I also bought a pair of cake-earrings! They make me look even sweeter!

 Hey!!! Kirby arrived too! My sister went with me to Tsunacon, but since she didn't have the budget I did, she only bought a Kirby! (and some noodles! XD)

That concludes this week's post. Next week I'll probably do a review again! But to make up to you this week I'll give you my interpretation of Hatsune Miku's the world is mine! XD

Raito had other ideas about the world being Miku's! XD

See you all next week,

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