maandag 31 januari 2011

Tsunacon 2011!....

Hello everyone, 
 Yesterday was an awesome day! It was not only just the 30th of January, but also the day of Tsunacon 2011. Yes it was awesome indeed. I’ll be giving you a description of this day! XD 

5:30 - No I wasn’t planning to wake up this early, but I was up nonetheless. I had my cosplay and food ready, thus decided I could do with another half hour of sleep. Too bad my alarmclock decided to act up and not go of at all! Luckily I had a sister, whom I greatly love, who decided to wake me up at 6:30, thus making sure I wasn’t going to end up missing the train. ^-^’ 
 6:30 – Yep, finally it was stress-time! Even though I had everything ready I was still freaking out everytime I looked at the clock. My lenses were not cooperating at all, but apart from that it wasn’t so bad at all. 

7:15 – after eating something that should’ve been breakfast (only some orange juice, I wasn’t hungry), my sister, my boyfriend and me took off to the trainstation. It was freezing cold outside. I believe my toes are still recovering from being frozen all day! ^-^' We met some of our friends at the station and sat with them in the train. Too bad we all were still a bit sleepy. 

9;30 - we arrived at Sliedrecht. Not really much of a train station there, but that was fine since we could see the convention building right away. We were accompanied by loads of cosplayers that were in the same train as us. I must say we had lots of fun about the 'normal' people on the station, they must have had a heartattack when they saw so much weirdly-dressed people.
We arrived at the convention building and the line was already huge!!!! All we could do was wait for our toes to freeze, while slowly getting further in the line.

10:15 After a chaotic entrance we managed to find the dressingrooms and finally get ready for this years first convention. After that our schedule was chaos! XD We went into the dealerroom quite a few times, just to check on stuff we wanted had been bought already. I spend quite a lot of money yesterday, but not more than I anticipated.  I also managed to take some pictures of cosplayers that looked really good.
Let me share them with you;

Next up is another Vocaloid! Hatsune Miku (snow version)

I'm not really a Vocaloid fangirl, but  do happen to like their character design! XD Well, next up is Hakurei Reimu and a crosplayed one at that! ^-^ I must say I quite like this character and cosplay.

Well next up is a character that I was quite surprised to see. The younger generation will most likely all know him! It is.................. Perry! My little sister kept bothering me about making a picture of him so I did!

Then someone appeared with the most beautiful prop that I have ever seen! It was Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler and he was carrying a very expensive looking teaset! Here are a few pictures;

After taking a few pictures of people I had to go to a shoot of my own. Yep, I was cosplayed as Anya Alstreim. The photos of the professional photographer have yet to come, but my boyfriend managed to make some of the shoot too, so here are some pics.

Well, I was worried I might catch a cold, so I went inside very quickly. My sister, who was cosplayed as Winry, was asked to pose quite a lot of times, so we had fun teasing her since it was her first convention and she was surprise-hugged a lot! XD

Here's some pics of Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers including my sis.

Dinner was the next thing on our agenda and nothing really interesting happened after that. Well, apart from raiding the dealerroom again XD
The trainride back was quite eventful, wel the first part was. It was quite busy at the trainstation so we might shocked some more people. Of course there were some people complaining since the train's directions were wrongly indicated, but then there was also my boyfriend who was complaining about the temperature! 

After a very long trainride, we were home again. Exhausted but we had had a very good time! To all the people I met and all the people I remet! XD I would like to say thank you for the great day and I hope to see you all soon!

Sunday I will post again and I will show you my Tsunacon loot! Hopefuly my Hakurei Reimu Nendoroid will have arrived by then!
See you all next week,

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