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Chroche Leytal Pastalia review


Since I was packageless this week I'll only be reviewing one of my figures today.  I will be reviewing my Chroche Leytal Pastalia, she is a character from the game Ar Tonelico II. I have never played nor seen this game, but when I saw this figure it was love at first sight. Her character design is really beatiful and her 'wings' are perfectlt detailed. Well before I go and tell you all her pro's and con's let me show you a few pictures.

As I stated in my last post I don't have a great professional camera, so the pictures won't be of great quality, but I'll do my best to point out things in words.
The first thing I noticed about this figure, was that she was very white... (duhhh), but that isn't a bad thing really. By making her base color white, they managed to accentuate her figure. This makes her golden hair stand out too.
Her long legs are accentuated too, the short skirt and loose 'cape', make them look even longer. The wide wings and again the loose 'cape' make her waist look even smaller. That added to her bosom, which stands out thanks to the corset she is wearing, makes a very feminine figure without it looking sexual.

 From the side you can see the sheer volume of her hair. It is beatifully crafted and the curls are shaded quite well. The only problem I have with her hair is that I can't see the ends of her hair. This makes her hair somewhat unrealistic.
From the side you get a better look at the wings too. They are sculpted beatifully and have something playful about them. Some of the feathers stand up, thus creating a less static feeling about it.

From the back you can see the upstanding feathers even better. You can also see her high heels from the back. Even her heels are detailed, with two different colors of gold.
From the other side you can see her scabbard more clearly. This being purple makes it stand out from the rest of the figure. Even though it is quite simple it suits her well.

 A close up of her face reveals a somewhat blank, maybe shocked facial expression. I don't like her face that much. Even though I don't like the expression, I must say that the eyes stand out, they are really nicely colored.
I don't know what her hairpiece means, but it sure is detailed. Two different colors of gold and one silver color, it sounds simple but it is stunning.

Another shot of her clothing and I hope you can see the detailing they did on the skirt. There is some lacework on the skirt and top of the corset. But you can also see one of the flaws on this figure. The skirt isn't colored too well. The colortransition on the skirt is not very gradual. This is one of the flaws that is all over the figure, but is most noticeable on the skirt and corset.

Another shot from the back reveals, what I have said before. There seem to be no hair ends.

On this picture you can see, both her stunning legs and the base. The base is quite basic. ^-^' (no pun intended) I'm glad they made a white base, because this way it doesn't distract from the figure.
Her boots are nicely shaped. They define the shape of the legs very well. The golden details on them are nice too.
 Her sword although not the center of attention of this figure, is quite detailed. The anotomy of the hand that holds it isn;t off, so it is very pleasant to look at.
The hand on her bosom is crafted nicely. It is nonchalantly placed above her bosom, together with the shocked face, this makes her look as if she says, "me?...".
Onto the scores.......
Sculpting; 9.5/10, She is sculpted beautifully especially her wings and clothes. There are no real flaws with the sculpting of this figure.
Painting; 7.5/10, the colorscheme is nice, but the coloring isn't gradual enough.
Posing; 8.5/10, I really like her pose, but it is somewhat static, they could've done another facial expression, since this one is kind of blank.
Stand; 8/10 The base fits the colors and does what it is supposed to do. Nothing to object to.
Enjoyment; 8/10, I really like this figure, I fell in love with it instantly. I have a fond memory of bargaining before I was able to get it and I look at it with much enjoyment.
Overall; 8.3/10

Here is a bonus shot I made a while ago.

I hope you found this review useful. Next week I will probably upload on monday instead of sunday, because I will be going to Tsunacon anime/manga convention in the Netherlands. Thus next weeks post will probably be about Tsunacon too. I will be cosplaying as Anya Alstreim from Code Geass, hopefully I won't catch a cold! XD

See you all next week,

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